If your trip will involve a brief period of travel, (trips of up to 6 months) you should consider the need for Short Term Medical Insurance with Medical Evacuation (Med-evac) coverage.

Many domestic health insurance plans will cover you for emergency services only when you are traveling abroad. However, since there are no relations with providers, you need to pay for your services and file claims to collect the money due to you. Nearly all domestic insurers offer no benefit if you should need to be evacuated to the nearest competent facility in the event of a life threatening emergency.

These plans and others are made available here through IMGlobal Insurance. This insurance company has been helping travelers in need for more than 30 years with 24/7 service, and relationships with more than 59,000 service providers worldwide.

Please note that if you are enrolling in the International PSC health plan, Med-Evac coverage is not included in the premium. All MedEvac situations are being handled thru the post where you will be stationed.

Click here to go to the IMGlobal site and review the policy options or purchase the coverage they offer to meet your short term health and/or Med-Evac coverage needs.

**Note that these plans DO NOT meet Minimum Essential Coverage Requirements under the Affordable Care Act.**